The 3 Hardest Words for a Business Owner

Hint: It’s not “I love you.”

Over the past 6 years, I’ve gone from a “no help needed here” type of person, to “I need all the help I can get!” But that didn’t come easy to me. I’ve been an independent, perfectionist for my entire life and I really had no intention of changing that. Until I crashed. And burned. Hard. It’s funny how life can throw so many things at you at once, bring you as far down as you’ve been, but then give you that little glimmer of hope to help you keep your head up.

My glimmer of hope came in the form of people. I had forgotten my village, didn’t want to ask them for help, and tried so so hard to put my head down and work through it on my own. In doing so, I not only made my life hard, I also told others that I didn’t need their help. What I was forgetting is the natural human need to be needed! In learning how to ask for help, I recognized my own passion in helping others. And that started everything for me.

Now here I was in my early thirties, with a family, a job and a lot of responsibilities piling up. I began asking my village for help, and guess what? It worked! They were able to help me, and I was, in turn, able to begin helping myself. I decided I wanted to help others in any way I could. And that meant putting my talents to use, in a meaningful way. So I took action. I did a lot of research, and self-learning and realized what I wanted to do with my desire to help others. And here is what I came to. I didn’t have to choose between non-profit work, which seemed like a perfect match for me, and starting my own business, which was a creative dream of mine. So I married the two together, and landed where I am now.

My own business. I help non-profits, but I also help small businesses who are looking for a little help to move them along. I get to help people all. day. long. And THAT makes me happy. There is nothing I’d rather do, then get my creative juices flowing in order to help someone else out. It gives me purpose, it gives me energy, and it’s what I want to do.

So what does that mean for my clients? It means, I am dedicated. I am literally here so I can help you out as much as possible. I’ve been known to go above and beyond if that means that I’m using my talents to give you a boost. My business is social media, my passion is creativity and service to others. And this business lets me do all of that. So I’m here for non-profits that need support, and I’m here for you, the small business owner. So will you take the next step of realizing you need a little leg up? Are you willing to ask your village for a little help? When you are, realize 1. that its OK, 2. that you will benefit greatly from help, and 3. that there is a little business out there with the experience and desire to HELP YOU!

My goal in life, as well as in business, is to help people. I have a passion for using my skills to help business owners gain time back in their lives, to focus on their business and families. That’s why this quote is so perfect, let’s build our communities by not only helping people, but by letting others help us too.

So what are the three hardest words for business owners to say?? “I need help.”

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. — Helen Keller


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