Diving on In

Twelve years ago I was a Senior in College with no idea what I wanted to do, or where I wanted to go. Luckily my network was ready for me! Before I graduated I had landed a job at one of the top employers in Orange County. A few months later, I started what would be over a decade of service, learning and growing. Looking back, I realize just how lucky I was to not know what I wanted to do! Sometimes, I think opportunities come our way when we are most open to them.

I started my career in Customer Service, moved to Accounting and eventually to an Operations role that varied greatly and gave me amazing experience to a wide variety of skills. I loved my company, and my job. I got to create content; communicate with my peers, Senior Leaders and newbies; I got to manage large and small teams; and I got to learn. Everyday. So why leave such a great career?

Not surprisingly, kids changed everything. My focus and need to be closer to home changed my priorities, and my way of looking at the world. I constantly thought to myself, there must be a better way to use my skills, but still allow me to be where I needed to be. This challenge was not unique to me, but to so many others out there! So after a long time of deliberating, hours and hours of research, I decided to dive right in. To take the risk, meant to give up my stability, but it also gave me the unique opportunity to create something that was all me. So, I quit my job, spent some much needed time home with my family, and started to build my business.

And now here I am. Officially a business owner, putting myself out there, creating my own future. The best part is being able to help business owners do what they love, while also doing what I love. It means I’m able to help people, I’m able to use the skills I’ve gained over the last decade, I get to think creatively to solve business problems, to communicate effectively and in a variety of ways, and to meet new people. And I get to do this while being there for my family. They are my why; and because of them, I’m so excited to be on this journey.


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