Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom Part 2

Chronicles of a #workfromhomemom part 2. Yesterday, was my 2nd recorded episode with my girls over at @inspirethevibe and I was SUPER excited. We had my good friend and owner of @bluescoopcreamery Kim join us, as well as THE Nikki & Nicole from @nikkiskitchenyl . Anyways, I wanted to share another behind the scenes look – and well, let’s just say, that the call itself was AWESOME but the home front, not so much. Here’s what went down…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

🎬First, let me set the stage. The kids have been warned again to only interrupt in case of emergency (meaning fire, or possible death). Dog has been given a new bone. Everyone is where they need to be. We’re off to a great start.

📡The first hiccup arrives. The internet here is acting a bit tired & overused (kind of like me at times). Perhaps that’s what happens when we turn on 3 iPads, the TV, my laptop and phone. This lead to a very shaky internet connection where I missed the 4th word out of everyone’s mouths for the first 5 minutes of the call. But ok, we’re still doing fine. I caught the gist of it all.

🐶At a certain point, the dog gets a little antsy and decides to sit on my lap AGAIN. Fine. He’s easy enough and not TOO distracting. His barking later on, however, that was distracting. I am getting very good at quickly maneuvering to the mute function.

👧I’m almost up on the call and I have so much to share! Then I hear the door creak open and all I can think is, “WAIT! I’m almost up, PLEASE DON’T COME IN WHILE I’M ON!!!” What happens? My 7 year old comes in while I’m on. Her emergency? The TV isn’t working and her iPad only has 10% left. Well, that’s basically the end of the world isn’t it? Should I hang up and call 911 now? At this point though do I even remember the important points I wanted to share on the call?? I somehow did and got mostly out what I wanted to share.

📞The call continues on with lots of success, it was oh so fun and I was so inspired. I go down to yell at the kids to find the dog has somehow peed all over my brand new floors (but hey, they’re super durable at least!)

All in all, still a total success guys. I LOVE these calls with inspiring women and my kids are learning how to be #futurebusinessowners from the pros.

Cheers to #kidmoms and #dogmoms everywhere, this s**t is HARD! #reallife


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