Why Hire Freelance?

Ok, Ok. You’ve seen the articles, you’ve heard the stories. But you’re still a little unsure? I mean, you’ve made it this far doing it on your own, why hire freelance now?

For starters, have you read my recent post about the 3 hardest words for Business Owners to say? “I need help.” We all do, you’re included. So let’s start with that.

  1. You hire freelance help because YOU NEED HELP. You are not a robot with endless time and energy. You are a human with a very full load, and very likely managing way more than you should be.
  2. Are you juggling a million different hats? Are you a Coach who only spends 10% of your time coaching and the other 90% on accounting, writing, marketing, etc.? Today’s business owners are executing so many different priorities all at once, and still trying to do it in the most cost effective and simplistic way possible. The problem with that, is you are NOT an expert in everything. You just aren’t. Nor, should you expect that of yourself. A simple business philosophy to follow is that you do what you love and you do it well, the rest? You hire someone else do it. And guess what? That person you hire likely will get to do what they love and do well.
  3. It’s likely more affordable than you think. Most freelancers, myself included, have flexibility in creating different packages and price points to match what you are looking for. So if you want A to Z, but can only afford A to B, then why not hire freelance to help you at least with A to B. It’s a start. And eventually, you hope that you can build on that support and stretch it out more. There is creativity and flexibility in hiring someone who wants to be hired at a fair price, but is typically willing to work with you to see if something can be worked out. By not hiring an agency, or an employee, you are likely saving yourself many of those hidden and non-hidden costs associated. You pay for exactly the work you need done, and THATS IT. Simple right?
  4. Freelancers know what they are doing. They are specialized in a specific field with a targeted outcome. They come with experience in your specific need area, and are solely there to support you and your business in that specific area. They are not distracted by office politics, or other common distractions. They are working with you and for you to accomplish your shared objective.
  5. You can find a freelancer to do just about any type of work needed. Need content written, books cleaned up, social media strategy created, training program created. You name it, you will find it. Rather than throwing extra work on employees (or yourself!) who are not experts, hire a freelance for a retainer or project when and where needed.

With so many options out there, freelancing is a solid way to lift some weight off your shoulders, hire expertise and benefit both you and your company. Social Media Management and Content Management are just some of the examples of the freelance work that is available to you. The question is, will you ask for help today?


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